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Nearly $100B is spent on video games a year. Get more bang for your buck.

Sizzling Summer Special – Traveling Tightwad

Summer Travels? Check out an arcade! Hey Everyone! I must apologize for the lapse in content over the past months. Other aspects of life seemed to catch up with me and work and other projects outside of Tightwad Gamer took precedent. So, without a moment’s notice, I wanted to share ...
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The Do-It-Yourself Solution for Storing and Displaying Video Games.

Storage and display should not cost a fortune. You've spent hard-earned money on games. Now how will you go about displaying them? Some gamers proudly display their expansive collection of games in their library. There’s something charming about perusing shelves and reading the titles on the spines. Others go for a ...
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PlayStation+ vs. Xbox Live Gold. A 2017 Tightwad Year in Review

Which Online Service Offered the Most Value? 2018 brings a new year for gaming, and for many of us, a new year for gaming resolutions. Maybe you will set out to beat more games than you buy (link to article). Or perhaps you'd like to be more present with family ...
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Free Yourself From Gaming Debt, Slash Your Backlog!

Cut the backlog. Play games. Save money. Through many years of enjoying video games, one issue has quietly and slowly crept up on me. This little villain is called a backlog. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? My backlog didn’t really emerge until I was out in the workforce, earning more ...
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Skip Release Day!

Delay the urge for instant gratification, and spare your wallet. On this site, we offer you some pretty common sense type of articles. Gaming is often a joyful, relaxing hobby. We love the fun that comes with gaming. However, on our site we are going to examine spending norms that ...
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